Svetlana Alijeva
Citāts:The only daughter of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, Svetlana Peters, who denounced communism after a Cold War defection worthy of a novel, has died in Wisconsin, authorities said on Monday, Reuters reported.
She died Nov. 22, age 85, from colon cancer, according to Benjamin Southwick, the county attorney in Richland County, Wisconsin. He said the county coroner had confirmed her death.
Svetlana had settled in central Wisconsin after marrying architect William Peters, an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright, in 1970. They lived in Spring Green, near Madison, the site of Wright's Taliesen workshop, and had a daughter, Olga, then divorced.
Her 1967 Cold War-era defection from the Soviet Union while in India involved the CIA, who helped her get to the United States where she was met by reporters upon her arrival. She denounced communism and her father and his policies, calling him "a moral and spiritual monster."
"Kā cilvēks, kam trūkst pašcieņas, nav dīdzējs, bet nīcējs, tā arī tauta, kurai nav pašapziņas." K.Mīlenbahs
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