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Šumava is a southwest border region of Czech Republic. This terrain realistically depicts area between the towns of Sušice and Horažďovice, while also borrowing parts from the more touristic parts of Šumava further south and few other places from around the rest of the country. Only few places on this terrain are fictional, the vast majority is recreated as close to reality as possible, while also retaining some hope this would one day get finished, released and be playable.


The terrain is 12288x12288 meters (151km2), which is comparable to Chernarus and Livonia
There’s 1 887k objects in total, of which 86k are hand placed.
There’s 37km of main roads, 185km of regular roads, 408km of dirt roads, 26km of trails and 241km of unmarked paths.

Known Issues:

AI planes don’t behave consistently on airfields 2 and 3 (the small ones). I’m unsure why, but it’s probably related to their small size.
Due to the dense road network, AI might not choose the most sensible roads to take. I suggest placing more waypoints for AI vehicles than you normally would. Pay special attention to AI should they use bridges.
Some parts of the map are quite narrow. Consider not using AI vehicles in those areas, or limiting it's vehicle's speed. AI driving mods could also remedy this issue.
There’s most likely a bunch of objects I forgot to delete laying around, terrain sticking through building floors and walls/fences with no holes to allow passage from compound to compound. It’s easy to fix, so please report it if you find any.
All the powerlines are underground and unmarked on map. Possibly related to me being bad at math and lazy to write a program to generate them. I wanted to, but with Reforger Tools there won’t be need for such a program in the future.
There are no traffic signs at the moment. While this makes the in-game terrain more appealing than it’s real world counterpart, it’s something I unfortunately plan to “fix”.

Future Development:
It’s pretty much finished. There will be inevitable fixes, adding some detail here and there, but no new major additions. I hope to further develop upon this in Arma Reforger.
"Kā cilvēks, kam trūkst pašcieņas, nav dīdzējs, bet nīcējs, tā arī tauta, kurai nav pašapziņas." K.Mīlenbahs
Lai tiktu pie kartes, mēdz būt ka jāskatās C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\155944068\ugc\referenced\2028349797203433573 Smile
"Kā cilvēks, kam trūkst pašcieņas, nav dīdzējs, bet nīcējs, tā arī tauta, kurai nav pašapziņas." K.Mīlenbahs
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