KP Liberation
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Citāts:Resources are scattered in boxes, the Huron or Chinook can pick up 3 of them inside, and sling load another one. Most trucks can take 3. Once you capture a town or production facility (marked as a fuel station on the map) you can pick them up (just go near with a vehicle or push them and use the load command on it from the menu). You need to move them FOB afterwards and store them on the storage platform.

After you capture production facilities, you should build a storage platform in them and go into production settings, it will create the boxes and store them at the facility storage afterwards. You can move these manually by trucks/helicopters or in an FOB open up the logistics menu, create a group, assign a truck and move them automatically. A single truck can take 300supplies,ammo or fuel in one trip. You can add more trucks to a group or make more groups. You can also change what the facility produces, but at a resource costs.

how angry they are, you can see enemy awarness once you're in an FOB of yours. The higher it is, the more counterattacks and more units they'll send. On low awareness expect tigers and an odd btr, higher ones will see tanks, bmps, helicopters and sometimes planes. AA and AT is not an ASAP thing. Once you reach 30-40 awareness I'd think about it, before it's useless. You can gain intel by capturing prisoners (AI will give up) and finding intel things (don't bother, usually hard to find and rare). Once you captured a prisoner he will join your squad, don't leave him alone in a vehicle or too far from friendlies otherwise he will desert and run away. You have to get them to your FOB and make them get out of vehicle near it if not on foot. The more troops you have the more enemies will surrender. I think you can make everyone in a radiostation surrender by going into capture zone with 2 chinooks full of troops. You use intel for secondary missions that lower enemy awareness. We usually do them once it goes up to 60 or so. FOB hunts are the easiest for us.

Don't shoot civilians or destroy their buildings. Civilians will hate you and every city friendly or otherwise will have rebels and IED's. They also attack your supply convoys, which gets old really quick since even if you reppel their attack you have to buy another truck for the logistics menu. The one they attacked even if you take it to base doesn't return, it stays on base. You can try it once but it gets really annoying, really fast. You have to drop everything and go rescue convoys, it gets so bad that all you do is rescue convoys until you loose all of them and all their supplies.

You can use artillery and carpet bombing on radio towers and military bases, no civvies there 99% of the time.

Final note, you can respawn on the Chinook/Huron and medical trucks. Always keep one close to fighting, but somewhere in cover. Otherwise if everyone goes away/dies the enemies despawn and you have to start again.
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