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Citāts:US House of Representatives overwhelmingly passes TikTok ban bill

Republican lawmakers approved the bill, in an unusual act of defiance against Donald Trump.
In a turnaround from his earlier stance, Trump on Monday said he was against a ban, mainly because it would strengthen Meta, the owner of Instagram and Facebook, which he called an "enemy of the people."
When Trump was president, he attempted to wrest control of Tiktok from ByteDance, but was blocked by US courts.
"I think it will die in the Senate," said representative Nancy Mace, a Trump ally. "This is not our job to do this."
Other efforts to ban TikTok have failed, with a bill proposed a year ago getting nowhere largely over free speech concerns.
"Kā cilvēks, kam trūkst pašcieņas, nav dīdzējs, bet nīcējs, tā arī tauta, kurai nav pašapziņas." K.Mīlenbahs
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