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Forums: Latvijas ikdiena un notikumi
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Latvijas ikdiena
Forums: Latvijas ikdiena un notikumi
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Forums: Starptautiski notikumi
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Frīdrihs Vesmanis
Forums: Latvijas pagatne
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2024-05-26 17:58
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Elvīra Baldiņa
Forums: Grāmatas, literatūra un valoda
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2024-05-26 16:26
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Par Forumu
Forums: Par forumu
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2024-05-25 17:07
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Partiju sistēma Latvijā
Forums: Latvijas ikdiena un notikumi
Pēdējā ziņa no: LvSnor
2024-05-24 17:48
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Krievu izcelsmes latvieti...
Forums: Latvijas ikdiena un notikumi
Pēdējā ziņa no: LvSnor
2024-05-24 16:04
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Forums: Grāmatas, literatūra un valoda
Pēdējā ziņa no: LvSnor
2024-05-24 1:39
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Krievijas federācijas - U...
Forums: Starptautiski notikumi
Pēdējā ziņa no: LvSnor
2024-05-23 17:31
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Publicējis: LvSnor - 2024-01-07 21:51 - Forums: Latvijas ikdiena un notikumi - Nav atbilžu

Saruna par karavīru sagatavošanos Latvijas apstākļos.


  Killers of the Flower Moon (2023)
Publicējis: LvSnor - 2024-01-05 1:44 - Forums: Filmas - Nav atbilžu

Killers of the Flower Moon (2023)

Režisors: Martins Skorsēze (Martin Scorsese)
Galvenājās lomās: Leonardo Dikaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio) Roberts Deniro (Robert De Niro) un Lili gladstone (Lily Gladstone)

When oil is discovered in 1920s Oklahoma under Osage Nation land, the Osage people are murdered one by one - until the FBI steps in to unravel the mystery. 
Kad 1920-tajos gados Oklahomā zem Osedže cilts zemes tiek atklāta nafta, Osadže cilvēki tiek noslepkavoti pa vienam vien, līdz iesaistās FIB, lai atrisinātu šo noslēpumu.


Publicējis: LvSnor - 2023-12-28 17:02 - Forums: Datortehnika un programmatūra - Atbildes (2)

Bluesky User FAQ
May 19, 2023 by The Bluesky Team
Welcome to the Bluesky beta app! This is a user guide that answers some common questions.
For general questions about the Bluesky company, please visit our FAQ here. If you’re interested in learning more about the protocol Bluesky is built on (the AT Protocol), please refer to our protocol documentation or our protocol FAQ.
Data Privacy
What is public and what is private on Bluesky?
Bluesky is a public social network. Think of your posts as blog posts – anyone on the web can see them, even those without an invite code. An invite code simply grants access to the service we’re running that lets you publish a post yourself. (Developers familiar with the API can view all posts regardless of whether they have an account themselves.)
Posts and likes are public.
Blocks are public.
Mutes are private, but mutelists are public lists. Your mutelist subscriptions are private.
Invites and invite trees are private.
Why are my posts, likes, and blocks public?
The AT Protocol, which Bluesky is built on, is designed to support public conversations. To make public conversations portable across all sorts of platforms, your data is stored in data repositories that anyone can view. This means that regardless of which server you choose to join, you’ll still be able to see posts across the whole network, and if you choose to change servers, you can easily take all of your data with you. This is what causes the user experience of Bluesky, a federated protocol, to be similar to all the other social media apps you have used before.
Can I set my profile to be private?
Currently, there are no private profiles on Bluesky.
What happens when I delete a post?
After you delete a post, it will be immediately removed from the user-facing app. Any images attached to your post will be immediately deleted in our data storage too.
However, it takes a bit longer for the text content of a post to be fully deleted in storage. The text content is stored in a non-readable form, but it is possible to query the data via the API. We will periodically perform back-end deletes to entirely wipe this data.
Can I get a copy of all of my data?
Yes — the AT Protocol keeps user data in a content-addressed archive. This archive can be used to migrate account data across servers. For developers, you can use this method to export a copy of your repository. For non-devs, the tooling is still being built to make it easy.
Update: Technical folks can read more about downloading and extracting data in this atproto developer blog post.
You can read our privacy policy here.
What does muting do?
Muting prevents you from seeing any notifications or top-level posts from an account. If they reply to a thread, you’ll see a section that says “Post from an account you muted” with an option to show the post. The account will not know that they have been muted.
What does blocking do?
Blocking prevents interaction. When you block an account, both you and the other account will no longer be able to see or interact with each other’s posts.
How do I flag abuse?
You can report posts by clicking on the three-dot menu. You can also report an entire account by visiting their profile and clicking the three-dot menu there.
Where can I read more about your plans for moderation?
We wrote about our approach to composable moderation here and we’ll continue to publish more in the near future.
Custom Feeds
What are custom feeds?
Custom feeds is a feature on Bluesky that allows you to pick the algorithm that powers your social media experience. Imagine you want your timeline to only be posts from your mutuals, or only posts that have cat photos, or only posts related to sports — you can simply pick your feed of choice from an open marketplace.
For users, the ability to customize their feed returns control of their attention to themselves. For developers, an open marketplace of feeds provides the freedom to experiment and publish algorithms that anyone can use.
You can read more about custom feeds and algorithmic choice in our blog post here.
How do I use custom feeds?
On Bluesky, click the hashtag icon on the bottom of the app. From there, you can add and discover new feeds.
How can I create a custom feed?
Developers can use our feed generator starter kit to create a custom feed. Eventually, we will provide better tooling such that anyone, including non-developers, can build custom feeds.
Custom Domains
How can I set up my domain as my handle?
Please refer to our tutorial here.
Can I purchase a domain directly through Bluesky?
Yes, you can purchase a domain and set it as your username through Bluesky here.
Invite codes
I don’t have access to Bluesky yet. How can I get an invite code?
We regularly send out invites to our waitlist, which you can sign up for here.
Now that I have an invite code, how can I access Bluesky?
When you get an invite code, you can download Bluesky from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. You can also use our web app at
When do I get invite codes? Do they expire?
Most accounts receive invite codes after they’ve been on Bluesky for a while. We periodically send invites to existing users. These codes do not expire, unless we perform a security upgrade on all codes. In that case, a security upgrade will change each invite code’s combination of letters, but it will not affect the number of codes that you have.
Occasionally, when we take action to moderate an account, we may revoke invite codes from that account and other accounts in the same invite tree.
Why does Bluesky use an invite code system?
Invites helps us control growth of our beta as we finish building the tooling for moderation and curation. It also gives us visibility into the growing social graph. We will likely continue to use invite codes as we increase access to the app. At that time, each account will receive many more invite codes to hand out.
The code we use to distribute invites is open source and can be used by other server admins to grow their own communities over time as well.
How does the Bluesky server use the invite tree?
We reference the invite tree to track behavior on the social graph. For example, if we take action to moderate an account, we may revoke invite codes from other accounts in the same invite tree.
How can I reset my password?
Click “Forgot” on the sign-in screen. You will receive an email with a reset code.
What if I didn’t get a password reset email?
Confirm your account email in your settings, and please add to your allowed senders list.
How can I change my account email?
You can update and verify your account email in Settings.
Will you implement two-factor authentication (2FA)?
Yes, implementing 2FA is on our short-term roadmap.
Bluesky, the AT Protocol, and Federation
What’s the difference between Bluesky and the AT Protocol?
Bluesky, the public benefit company, is developing two products: the AT Protocol, and the microblogging app Bluesky. Bluesky, the app, is meant to demonstrate the features of the underlying protocol. The AT Protocol is built to support an entire ecosystem of social apps that extends beyond microblogging.
You can read more about the differences between Bluesky and the AT Protocol in our general FAQ here.
How does federation affect me, as a user of the Bluesky app?
We’re prioritizing user experience and want to make Bluesky as user-friendly as possible. Regardless of which server you join, you’ll be able to see posts from people on other servers and take your data with you if you choose to move servers.
Is Bluesky built on a blockchain? Does it use cryptocurrency?
No, and no.
How can I submit feedback?
On the mobile app, open the left side menu and click “Feedback.” On the web app, there is a link to “Send feedback” on the right side of the screen.
You can also email with support requests. Please do not use this email to request an invite. Instead, sign up for the waitlist here.
What is a post on Bluesky called?
The official term is “post.”
How can I find friends or mutuals from other social networks?
Third-party developers maintain tools to find friends from other social networks. Some of these projects are listed here. Please generate an App Password via Settings > Advanced > App Passwords to login to any third-party apps.
Is there a dark mode?
Yes. You can change the display settings to be light or dark mode, or to match your system settings, via Settings > Appearance.
The answers here are subject to change. We’ll update this guide regularly as we continue to release more features. Thank you for joining our beta!


  tests testiņš
Publicējis: LvSnor - 2023-12-26 0:01 - Forums: Nieki - Atbildes (1) Testing your degree of communist beliefs

[Attēls: 2023-12-25-22-01-14-Communism-Test-Mozilla-Firefox.png]

36% komunists


  Apsveikums 2023 gada Xmas
Publicējis: LvSnor - 2023-12-24 18:14 - Forums: Sveicieni - Atbildes (1)

Tā sakot, lai šīs gada tumšākais laiks aiziet kā nācis un neatstāj sliktas pēdas.

F. Art - For Black Man Christmas No Weekend (1993)


  Thunderbird un Firefox
Publicējis: LvSnor - 2023-12-14 13:00 - Forums: Datortehnika un programmatūra - Nav atbilžu

Sen senos laikos (vai ar nemaz ne tik senos laikos) ļoti sekmīgi izlaida Firefox jeb UgunsLapsu, kopš tiem sensenajiem laikiem daudz kas ir izmainījies, tā sakot, UgunsLapsa ir bijusi  gan jaunavīgi slaida, gan sportiski ātra, gan pilnīga, un mazliet "uzpūtusies" it kā gatava jaunām dzemdībām, bet adrese viņai nav mainījusies:   

Un kopā ar viņu, pēc mātes - netscape parauga, tika izveidots arī epasta klients, kas saucas thunderbird (NegaisaPutns), kas ka jau viss decentralizētais epastu tīkls, sanāca vidēji sarežģīts.  Un lai Firefox nenomāktu, un iedvestu n-to elpu projektā, tika izveidota neatkarīga projekta administrācija, lai līdz galam atrautos no nestscape comuniccatot ēnas, un adrese ir


  Banku kartelis
Publicējis: LvSnor - 2023-12-12 18:58 - Forums: Latvijas ikdiena un notikumi - Nav atbilžu

Latvijas Banka piemēro 260 000 eiro sodu «Reģionālajai investīciju bankai» 

Latvijas Banka piemērojusi 260 000 eiro soda naudu AS "Reģionālā investīciju banka", informēja Latvijas Banka.
Latvijas Banka ar "Reģionālo investīciju banku" noslēgusi administratīvo līgumu, kas paredz, ka AS "Reģionālā investīciju banka" īstenos tiesiskos pienākumus saistībā ar noziedzīgi iegūtu līdzekļu legalizācijas un terorisma un proliferācijas finansēšanas (NILLTPF) novēršanas normatīvo aktu prasību ievērošanu un iekšējās kontroles sistēmas uzlabošanu. 

Citāts:Vienlaikus par konstatētajiem normatīvo aktu pārkāpumiem un iekšējās kontroles sistēmas trūkumiem kredītiestādei piemērota soda nauda 259 867 eiro apmērā. 
Finanšu un kapitāla tirgus komisija 2022. gadā pārbaudē konstatēja atsevišķus iekšējās kontroles sistēmas darbības trūkumus un NILLTPF novēršanas normatīvo aktu pārkāpumus, kas saistīti ar nepietiekamu augsta riska klientu no augsta riska valstīm izpēti un to darījumu uzraudzību.
"Reģionālā investīciju banka" konstatētos pārkāpumus un trūkumus atzīst un ir operatīvi veikusi pasākumus to novēršanai, kas ir pamats administratīvā līguma slēgšanai, norādīja Latvijas Banka. 

Mja, Jenoti viennozīmīgi pārstāv banku karteli. Nost ar jenotiem!


  Latvijas dziesmas
Publicējis: LvSnor - 2023-12-11 2:20 - Forums: Mūzika - Atbildes (4)


  ASV prezidenta vēlēšanas 2024
Publicējis: LvSnor - 2023-12-10 22:52 - Forums: Starptautiski notikumi - Atbildes (9)

Tā sakot, 2024 gada 5 novembris ir mazāk par gadu. Un ko rāda socioloģiskās aptaujas:

Citāts:Blow to Biden as poll shows Trump in lead for 2024 presidential election
Trump ahead 47% to 43%, worrying some Democrats as others caution avoiding ‘mad poll disease’

Nu to ka vājais ASV prezidents Baidens deva piekrišanu KFBS iebrukumam Ukrainā, un nespēj nodrošināt NATO ieroču dominēšanu ir gana ilgām pēc sakarīgāka prezidenta nākotnē. Vienlaikus veids kā ar ASV apietas Izraēla, liecina to pašu.
No otras puses, tik nepopulāri kandidāti nav bijuši ilgu laiku.


  Maduro aneksija
Publicējis: LvSnor - 2023-12-10 7:47 - Forums: Starptautiski notikumi - Atbildes (19)

Venecuēlas prezidents Nikolass Maduro parakstījis sešus dekrētus par kaimiņvalsts Gajānas rietumu reģiona Esekibo aneksiju.

Starp pieņemtajiem lēmumiem ir arī jaunas Venecuēlas kartes ratificēšana un iecelts jauns vadītājs reģionam, kas tiek pasludināts par valsts 24. štatu un nosaukts par Gajānu-Esekibo. 
Citi dekrēti ietver reģiona aizsardzības komisijas izveidi, Gajānas-Esekibo integrētās aizsardzības zonas izveidi un valsts naftas un gāzes uzņēmuma PDVSA Gajānas struktūrvienību izveidi.
Lēmums par aneksiju tika pieņemts, pamatojoties uz Venecuēlā notikušā referenduma rezultātiem – saskaņā ar oficiālajiem datiem vairāk nekā 95% balsotāju atbalstīja Esekibo aneksiju. Karakasa paziņojusi, ka referendumā piedalījās aptuveni 10,5 miljoni no 20,7 miljoniem Venecuēlas balstiesīgajiem vēlētājiem, tajā pašā laikā vēlēšanu ekspertiem un plašsaziņas līdzekļiem ir aizdomas, ka referendumā piedalījās tikai 10% vēlētāju un rezultāti tika viltoti. Venecuēlas centrālā vēlēšanu komisija nav publicējusi referenduma rezultātus.
Maduro aicināja venecuēliešus nosodīt aneksijas kritiķus "uz katras ielas". "Pietiek ar nodevību, pietiek ar piekto kolonnu," viņš teica.
Venecuēla jau desmitgadēm uztur pretenzijas uz Esekibo reģionu, kas ir vairāk nekā divas trešdaļas no Gajānas teritorijas un kur mīt 125 000 no 800 000 lielā valsts pilsoņu kopskaita.
Kādreizējā Lielbritānijas un Nīderlandes kolonija Gajāna uzstāj, ka robežu ar Venecuēlu noteikusi arbitrāžas komisija vēl 1899. gadā. Taču Venecuēla apgalvo, ka dabisko robežu veidojot Esekibo upe, kas atrodas strīdus teritorijas austrumos, un ka šī robeža tikusi atzīta arī vēsturiski.
Teritoriālās domstarpības saasinājušās kopš 2015. gada, kad "ExxonMobil" uzgāja Esekibo reģionā naftas iegulas. Karakasa referendumu izsludināja pēc tam, kad Džordžtauna augustā sāka naftas lauku izsolīšanu.
Gajāna lūdza Starptautisko tiesu (ICJ) apturēt referendumu, un tiesa piektdien aicināja Karakasu atturēties no jebkurām darbībām, kuras varētu mainīt pašreizējo "status quo" Esekibo reģionā, bet referendumu nepieminēja.
Gajāna bažījas, ka referendums varētu Venecuēlai pavērt ceļu kaimiņvalsts teritorijas vienpusējai un nelikumīgai sagrābšanai.

Mjā, Maduro iet Putina pēdās. Bet šis pieeja vairāk atgādina Irākas - Irānas karu. Es domāju ka naftas kompānijas nodrošinās Gajānai tādu aizsardzību, ka Maduro dienas ir skaitītas, kopš Venecuēlas armija spērs tur kāju, un tas būtu arī labs iemesls nomainīt Venecuēlas vadošo partiju. Wink